Sunday, January 25, 2009

I will not discourage

Now he wants to get a job as a fitness instructor. They are hiring at the Rec center in the next town over. It is a drive, but the public bus does go there. So Monday-Friday he could do that.

Still, he reads these job descriptions to me, tells me how much they are going to pay an hour and gets so very excited. They want a certification in something or other, but he could do that. Most of the certification programs require that you be 18, but he has found one that doesn't. Besides, he could teach water aerobics even without it!

I didn't even roll my eyes.

They also need someone to supervise youth basketball. He can do that! [Um...terms of probation: may not be with youth more than two years younger than himself without being supervised. So either he would have to be supervised while supervising or else the place would have to be willing to hire him to supervise youth almost his own age.]

But he definitely wants to be a fitness instructor or a physical trainer. He's been looking at how much they pay and it is really good, and he knows all about fitness.

Okay, so he doesn't know all about it, but he could study and get one of these certifications.

He should definitely take a reduced schedule at school so that he would have time to study for the physical trainer/fitness instructor exams. He doesn't need all those classes anyway. He only wants to take classes at high school that are required for graduation or will benefit him. He doesn't want them to stick him into an art class or something just to fill up space so he will be there all day. (Okay, I understand that one.)

Still, I keep imagining if I went to take a fitness class and the instructor was a gangly sixteen year old boy whose main qualification was enthusiasm.

He tells me that he has been working hard with the guy from job services to find a job at places like fast food, but there just aren't any jobs. I think I am inclined to believe him, but I'm not sure. I really do hope he gets a normal teenage job. Someplace close would be nice.


  1. Oh my. I just cannot wait until my kids are teenagers. They are like puppies that cannot keep a thought in their head for more than 2 seconds! Good job with no eye rolling.

  2. While enthusiasm may not be a good "only" quality to have, it is certainly a start. I can't tell you how many people I have interviewed who have absolutely none.......they don't get hired either.

  3. In our area the food service jobs are honestly hard to come by. Mostly being taken up by displaced adult workers. Lots of stuff in our papers about how hard it is for teens to find jobs as a result.

    I wonder if there is a way to be a volunteer assitant in some capacity that doesn't violate his probation? I will tell you that in my family this is how I wound up finding a job for my eldest who had been searching for a job with no success and who our state rehab services were totally useless in helping to place in a job.


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