Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apparently I'm Cold

You've googled yourself, right? Of course you have.

There are a bunch of names like mine but I did show. The first entry was for Rate My Pr*fess*r. It's terribly unreliable because only a few students show up, and those are the ones who have strong feelings. Lots of high and low scores, very few in the middle. After years I have less than a dozen ratings. You get rated on a 4 points scale. This is me:

Average Helpfulness: 3.6
Average Clarity: 3.6
Average Easiness: 2.6 (so not very easy)
Average Hotness: 0

I can live with that.

(I think that the students declined to rate me on "hotness" which I appreciate. If they did I don't think my score would be much higher.)


  1. There is more than one site that does the same thing. The site you mentioned above was the one most students used at my first undergraduate institution. At the college I transferred to, most people rated at a different site. So it might really be that nobody bothered to rate you, but it also might be the case that you're looking on the wrong site.

  2. It is my general policy NOT to look at those sites. Although Andrew has tried to convince me to make a video and put it up.

  3. You were rated pretty well. I have used those sites when looking at faculty that I am going to hire on an overload basis. I don't take them too seriously (like I can't use them in my hiring decisions) but usually when the site says something like "Instructor belittles students" or "Never returns papers", those are the complaints I continuously hear about from students.

  4. My name is so common that googling it scares the bejeezus out of me. When I do it, it returns dozens of other women who are so similar in age and professional accomplishments that I wonder if someone is actually documenting my life on the web unbeknownst to me. That is, I wonder that until I click the link and see the pictures. Turns out, the other Jennifer ----s are generally thinner than I am. Yay.

  5. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I wanted to quote the hilarious comment my partner got (basically just that she looks like Grace Jones) but they've finally noticed she hasn't taught at her old school for years and she's now only affiliated with her new school. The good news is that her newest review is positive and seems accurate, plus it gives her 1 hot point.


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