Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dog Training

I am trying to work on door training again. It is tough in the winter because it requires making people stand out in the cold while you wait for the dogs to sit and stay. Then of course when you open the door the break and you have to make the poor human go back outside. Recently the dogs have realized that if there is mail or a package the door really won't open until they are good, but that that if there is someone waiting they can get away with being naughty.

So Gary asked if his girlfriend could come over (again). I said that she could, but she had to participate in dog training. The poor thing only made it in on the fourth try. I kept asking her to please leave for the porch. The fourth time though the doggies were very good. I gave them their treats with much "good doggie!"

Then I walked her into the kitchen and asked if she liked milk or dark chocolate. She said milk. I got her a piece and said, "good person! good person!" She laughed.

It appears she may be coming over regularly. I may be able to actually train these dogs to be polite at the door.

Wouldn't that be nice?

I just need plenty of doggie and people treats.


  1. Dark chocolate. Yummy.

  2. Good human. Milk chocolate, please.

  3. I like it! Maybe Victoria on the Dog or Me would do better if she rewarded the people too!


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