Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dance Recital

Ah yes, Gary had one.

See if you go to an arts charter school you don't have PE, you have dance. And if you have dance, you have a recital.

So I went. I sat for two hours and watched cute little kids do folk dances (did I mention this is a K-12 school?), fifth graders do something looking like spies sneaking around and stage fighting to a James Bond theme, middle schoolers dance with fake briefcases to "Taking Care of Business" and high school classes do hip hop numbers. In between there was dance after dance by the JV Dance Squad and the Premium Dancers. They were pretty good. I was pretty tired by the end.

Gary did okay in his dance. In terms of physical control and grace, his got it. He could be a great dancer. In terms of not getting stage fright and remembering which way to turn, well, he had a couple of moments. Still, with all his martial arts work it and general physical fitness, it is clear he has the ability to make his body do what he wants. He could be a great dancer. His MMA coach is encouraging him, telling him that as far as winning over women, it is hard to beat a fighter who can tango.


  1. Not to mention that dance rocks for flexibility which helps greatly in MMA. One of the reasons I never got wrecked in my martial arts tenure of 12 yrs was that I was so flexible they called me "gumby" LOL I kind of had no choice in the dance thing. My mom and my aunt were dance instructors and I danced from 5 to 18. Good for Gary for getting through it so well, and huge kudos to the MMA instructor for not making it sound wimpy to dance.

  2. Just what he needs...more ways to get the girls! Geesh! haha

  3. Smart MMA coach!


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