Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The electrician

Remember when I doubted the electrician's veracity because he was heard to say "two beers" as he answered the phone? Yeah. Well, his business's name sounds a heck of a lot like "two beers" so I was wrong. It's really sort of funny. I would like to tell you the business name, but it is against my bloggy rules.

Anyway, he was here. He saw all our electrical issues. He says that if our problems were going to cause a house fire they probably would have already. He can't make promises that something new won't happen, but his opinion is that a fire is not more likely now than it has been anytime over the past few decades. So we scheduled the work for about one month out when I have a break and can be home to say "put an outlet there" and command the doggies to shush.

He said he would work out a specific bid. I asked him if he could ball park it because I really had absolutely no idea what this sort of work cost. He did and we almost fainted with relief. It ain't cheap, but it is within the range I was hoping it would be.

Oh! he says that he can re-wire the ceiling fixtures that are original to the house! I had thought I would have to buy at least four new ones.

I'm a very happy homeowner.


  1. Oh good, I am glad the cost isn't going put you guys in the poorhouse! And you will be saved from a fire too.

  2. Is he going to run the wiring in the walls or run exterior tubing? I'm sorry you thought you were going to have to replace light fixtures. I knew they could easily be rewired, all my light fixtures came from old houses that had been torn down in Birmingham. The late lamented rewired all of them and hung them himself. Are yours wonderful and neat? Mine are. I want to take the one in my bedroom with me, but no modern house has a bedroom that can handle it!

  3. He believes he can get to everything from the attic and down the walls. I shouldn't have to have any wire molding at all. I'm very happy about that too.

    The original fixtures are exquisite. The living room and two bedrooms also have matching wall sconces.

  4. Wow! What a relief for you! I know how relieved I was when our wiring issues were fixed.


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