Friday, November 03, 2006

What to do with Maria?

I hate this.

I hate that she has no home.

I wish I could ask her to stay.

I have even thought about the living arrangements. Could I ask Andrew to move in with Brian and Evan to move to Andrew's room? Would they do it? If they did, how difficult would it be for six of us to live together for five weeks? I have even considered bribing them.

She is on a waiting list for a residential program. She should get in early January.

We did tell the social worker that she could have Evan's room after he leaves, until she gets into the program. That is unlikely. They want to find her a place where she can stay. I want that for her too.

For all that I wish I could ask her to stay until January, I am having trouble figuring out how to handle her now that she is here. I did not really think this through when I said she could spend the weekend. She is not enrolled in school. Prior to running away and going to detention she was attending a GED program in the next town over. Bottom line, she doesn't have anywhere to be during the day.

I could take her with me to work. Neither of us is very excited about that option.

I will call Mandy to see if Maria can spend the days with her.

If Evan is not working (did I mention that he got a job?), I don't mind if she stays home with him.

If she were going to live here I could get her enrolled in the GED program at the local high school and she would spend her days there.

I do hope they find a place for her to stay, a place where she is wanted.

She did, by the way, come out her room for dinner and has stayed in the living room watching TV with Evan. She's a sweet girl. Anyone got a spare bedroom for a couple of months?

I casually ran the idea of shifting people around by both Evan and Andrew. They both are willing to do it, if I want to and Maria needs them to.

I don't know if it would work out well, but they sure are fantastic human beings.

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