Thursday, November 16, 2006


Did I tell you that I've been having really vivid dreams lately?

1. I'm hiding a hotel room with a bunch of kids while a scary person is out there hunting us. Brian comes in (why Brian?) to tell me that Hubby and the other adults who have been fighting the scary person are trapped. I'm torn between the need to go help him and the need to stay with the kids. Then I wake up.

2. I'm in some mysterious empty space but I know that mobsters are after me. Fortunately I'm working on a log cabin quilt and I can keep adding bigger and bigger pieces of fabric and for some reason that will save me. I wake up.

3. I get a call about a new kid. He's fifteen and he has been hurt. I go to the emergency room and talk to him. He is very sweet and I tell him of course he can come home with me. Then the social worker comes in the room with his ten-year-old brother. I decide to go back to bed and dream about mobsters.

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