Saturday, November 18, 2006

My baby gorilla

It only recently occurred to me to describe Evan as a baby gorilla, but since I did he has seemed more and more baby-gorilla like.

I confess that I did refer to him as "my baby gorilla" to Miss E the other day.

Yesterday he want his hair cut, "Give me a ride. Please Yondalla. Pleeease? I never ask for anything and I really need to get it cut." He holds his hands beseechingly out in front of him. "PLEEEAASSSE? Take me? This is the last thing I will ask for, I promise."

And then this morning, "Yondalla! I forgot to get cash! I have to pay the driving instructor in cash! Can you give me $11.50?" "I don't have cash either." "Can you get some? I have to have cash or I can't take the test. Pleeeaassse... You can go the store or something, right? You can get it." "Why can't you do it?" "I don't know my PIN." "Evan, you keep telling me how you are an adult. How are you going to survive as an adult in the world if you are incapable of getting cash on your own?" "I'll go to the bank on Monday and get a new PIN. I promise. Please will you get it for me???? Come on...I almost never ask you for anything!"

And then after the test, "I am going back out with [that guy] again tonight. You'll give me a ride there, right? I mean I can get him to bring me home, but you will give me a ride there, right? I don't want to ask him to come get me. You'll take me, right?"

And when can I take him back to the DMV?

And can we go shopping soon so he can buy socks and new underwear?

You know how it goes....pleeeaasseee. Because, after all, he hardly ever asks me for anything.

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  1. Just for the record, now bloglines isn't showing your new posts to me.

    On several others, it's showing something like 26 new posts each.



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