Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feeling better

I'm better today. Still feeling sad, but not the pitiful pile of sadness I was yesterday.

When I finally dragged myself home last night I spoke to Evan as though it had never happened. We talked about when he wanted to take the driving test and whether the insurance will cover him once he is a licensed driver. "I'm sure they will understand. I'm only going to be living here a little while." "Honey, insurance companies don't tend to be 'understanding.' You will either be covered or you won't."

I'll check in today to see how much it would cost to cover him for 3 weeks.

There is a conversation that needs to happen between us. One in which we talk calmly and sensibly about the house rules and in which I apologize for my behavior -- and he hopefully apologizes for his. I'm still feeling too fragile for that one right now. This avoidance behavior is not my ideal way to parent, but I am giving myself some slack. I don't want to get into it with him and have it escalate again.

There is more that I want to write, but at the moment I have to get ready for classes. I should be back later.

Update: the insuance agent says he is covered. The nice woman told me that it is customary to give people a few weeks to get new drivers on their policies. He can drive for three weeks and if we don't need to make a claim then we never need worry about it again. If we do need to make a claim we will need to pay the premium retroactively. I don't plan on letting him drive very often, but he can make a couple of those ever-so-exciting trips to the grocery store all by himself.

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