Friday, November 24, 2006

Entering into TheirSpace

David has told me that he wants me to get a MySp*ce account for a while. He wants me to see the photos he puts there. He thinks it would be a good way for me to stay in touch.

While he was here yesterday I let him set me up. I maxed up all the privacy settings, lied about my age and where I live (they have some places to choose that are clearly NOT where anyone lives).

Then David showed me Evan's site, just for fun of course.

I did mention it to Evan. I am not interested in invading his privacy. On one hand his site is available to anyone with an account, but I know he would rather I was not there. He's really disturbed by my ability to see it. There are things he really doesn't want me to see. He said that he was going to change his privacy settings so I could not get in. I did not tell him that I know he won't because he wants other people to find him. He said he could find my account. I told him that he couldn't. "I'll just search for women your age who live around here." "I lied." "You didn't! You wouldn't. You never lie."

I'm thinking he looked for me and could not find me because today he asked me to promise that I would not go to it. I told him that if I promised I would be even more tempted to look, but he shouldn't worry. "Really, Evan. I'm in a TMI* situation with you already."

His eyes got wide, "What does that mean? NO...Don't tell me. Gawd I don't want to know. Don't tell me!"

I didn't tell him.

But I'm still laughing about it.

*Too Much Information


  1. He didn't know TMI? Even I know that one.

    I have MySpace and I never use it. They'll probably cancel me out eventually.

    The girls have been asking for one and I've been saying no. They're only 11.

    Thanks for the email. Bloglines has evidently been catching up a little but you're still not showing up. I think I'll unsubscribe you and resubscribe.

  2. Hee hee...

    Evan seems like he's really fun (and easy) to torment.

  3. That is so funny about Evan, especially as he is really Mr. TMI himselff!

  4. with evan it's almost like shooting ducks in a barrel isn't it? bless him, would it ever cross his mind that you already know way more than you ever wanted to know without access to a my space account?

  5. You're a grown woman, and he thinks you wouldn't lie about your age? XD

    Errr... MySpace accounts eventually get deleted due to inactivity? Better go dust mine off while it's still there...

  6. Evan really is too easy. I can torture him with a quiet look and a raised eyebrow.

    His MySpace is not as intersting as he thinks it is. I think he is mostly embarassed because he has exaggerated his description of himself and is worried that I will call him on it. I won't though.

    Cathy-- I clicked on your name and it looks like you are starting a blog. Let me know if you start working on it!


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