Monday, November 20, 2006

Key word searches

One of the fun things about using a service that will tell you about the tracking on your blog is that they will often tell you what search words got people to you. Often they seem to be people who know the blog and are trying to find it again. They search for "Evan's Story" or "Pflagfostermom" or "thoughts fostering family".

I suspect the person who was most disappointed was the one who searched for

  • Cute teenage boy life guard

And what exactly were these people looking for?

  • foster mom cross stitch
  • Jews family email address guestbook 2006
  • Court reporting students "when will you be done"

Others I hope I helped
  • Several searches with "codependency" one of which was "Codependency anon Scotland"
  • Several searches on confidentiality in blogging and foster care
  • Separation anxiety in older children
  • Turning Eighteen (I get that one nearly every month)
  • The parentified child 'starting over'

Oh...and Rossecorp...someone's looking for you.

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  1. Someone's looking for me? How flattering! I have a new blog at


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