Friday, November 10, 2006

Time's a flyin'

This weekend Jackie will be staying with us. Mandy is throwing a party for her mother-in-law's mega birthday (70, 80, something) and the house will be full of relatives Jackie is not all that interested in. Jackie is almost certainly mature enough not to engage in annoying attention-attracting behavior, but she will have more fun with us anyway. At least that's what everyone is telling her.

Next weekend Miss E stays with us. I think it is just to give her FM a break, but there could be something more going on.

Then it is Thanksgiving. Evan is hoping to fly away on Friday of that weekend to see his older brother whom he has never met.

And then we have a weekend with nothing planned.

And then the next weekend Evan leaves for Scotland.

That's 30 days from now.


I went out and bought fabric for another quilt. I have yards of white to use with all my brights to make the quilt that I will like. I also bought a pile of boring blues and off-whites to make a log cabin quilt that the boys assure me other kids will find more appealing. I have directions for doing the log cabin quilting-as-you-piece, which will make it a more interesting project than it would be otherwise.

I have no big projects for this weekend, so maybe I will be able to at least start cutting.

30 days.

Anyone know how to make time slow down?

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  1. I would love to see pictures of the quilts you've made. Do you have any?

    We picked up a bunch of baby quilts for childrens hospital and it has sparked an interest in quilting.


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