Friday, November 10, 2006

Miss E speaks

I had a good ride with Miss E, this morning.

She had a rather large amount of stuff with her and I commented that it at least was not as bad as when she was running track.

Miss E informed me that track was in the spring. What she had been doing early this fall was cross-country. They are apparently completely different sports. Track is done on a track, for instance. It may also involve things like hurdles.

I am capable of laughing at myself, and I did. It seems obvious that I should have figured out at that these were not two names for the same thing (i.e. competitive running). In any case, laughing at my ignorance was fun for her too, and we spent the rest of our drive talking about her shin splints and the stupidity of her state worker.

It was good, very good, to be back in that place. Miss E has such high, thick walls around her. She alienates everyone. I figure that because I don't actually spend a lot of time with her I have a chance of being one person who is able to maintain an accepting and supportive attitude towards her for a long time. She needs that.

Besides, I was dreading the possibility that I would be driving her to school in stony silence every single day. I can take it, but that doesn't mean I like it.

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