Monday, November 20, 2006

Evan and bonds with the boys

**This is a "rescued post." Something I wrote and for reasons I no longer remember did not publish. Composed 11/20/06. Published 5/6/07**

I've recently been updating on the private blog. Partly because I have been tired and snarky, and partly because there is something going on with my RSS feed, or Blogline's ability to read it. It is also happening with Granny's blog and a few others, so I am not worrying about it. I am waiting for the good mages in the Internet to defeat the gremlins who live there too and make everything better again. (My understanding of the 'net is much more sophisticated that Miss E's.)

Today Gawdessness said, "Turtle Girl and Spring are closer, there has been a break through, they are sisters because they know and feel it. I see it happening with the brothers too. Slowly sometimes, but steadily. "

It made me sad and jealous.

That happened with Carl. It really happened. No matter how bad things might have got, Andrew and Brian knew that Carl was their brother and things would be good again.

It happened to a lesser degree with David. Though David has a difficult time forming meaningful bonds, Andrew and Brian feel they forged one with him.

Evan though came in on different rules. He was going to be a cousin. He wasn't going to live here very long (one school year). We weren't going to expect him to be a part of the family in the same way. He and Andrew did not get along at all for months. Evan's rehab did a lot for their relationship. Andrew is not close to him, but they now get along fine

Evan and Brian though never did form a bond. Evan has said from the beginning that Brian reminds him of himself at that age, which makes it difficult for him. And recently all the tensions have been hightened.

It will be better soon.

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