Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jackie, Evan, and only 28 more days

Jackie spent most of the weekend watching Veronica Mars, Season 2. I let her take the disks home since she had only a couple of episodes left and I couldn't just tell her who crashed the bus. I think the break in a new place was good for her. She was also very happy to see Mandy.

I kept calling her "Jackie" which is not good since that is not really her name. Then she accidently called me "Mom" and I felt much better.

We went shopping on Saturday and she completely backs me up on my story that it really was my turn at the fabric cutting table and that the woman who insisted it was her turn and with whom I actually started to quarrel before I realized how ridiculous it was, was completely and totally in the wrong. She also agreed that it was very, very rude of Evan to interrupt me in the middle of my story about the fabric store to say, "Oh...Look at these jeans I got!"

Speaking Even interrupting, he has been a real pain in the hind-quarters recently. There is nothing malicious about his behavior, or at least not intentionally so. He is just completely self-involved. He is failing to recognize that anyone else has needs. He has also been engaging in a lot of what Hubby calls alpha male behavior. It's odd, even when he attempts to make up for his behavior I feel bullied.

"Evan, I was in the middle of telling you something and you interrupted me again."

"I don't do it to make you angry. Here! I will give you a hug. You have to feel better now."

"I have to feel better?"

"Yes! I gave you a hug! You know I don't show affection like that very often! I'm really trying here. Give me a break. Be happy!"

Hubby thinks it started when Evan got his work visa. He has his passport, his visa, his plane ticket. He is all grown up and just biding his time.

I get frustrated sometimes and I think I will be glad when he leaves, then I realize how quickly the days are passing and I wish he weren't leaving so soon.

I never claimed to be rational.

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