Monday, June 29, 2009

So Peaceful It's Boring

Well, I'm not actually bored, but the blog is doomed.

Andrew is volunteering at the animal shelter. They have a rule now that volunteers cannot adopt animals for 30 days. It is a very good thing that I know that we simply cannot take in another dog because I would be doomed. When I picked him up on Friday he had finished grooming a long-hair Chihuahua. It was such a sweet little thing, walking right by his side and looking up at him. He was an owner-surrender and came in with another, somewhat larger Chihuahua. They were (are) devoted to each other. The smaller one got adopted over the weekend and the bigger one is pining.

He, Andrew, went to walk a short-haired Chihuahua today. At first the dog snapped when Andrew tried to put him on the leash. So Andrew shut the kennel. The dog then sat by the door and looked very apologetic. So Andrew tried again and this time the dog cooperated, but was terrified walking past all the kennels with the big dogs. When they got to the exercise yard the little guy seemed to want to run. Andrew was fine with that, but the dog kept getting under his feet. He finally figured out that the dog was trying to get in front of him and flop down so that he could be picked up.

Andrew wouldn't carry him around the exercise yard, but he did sit in the grass and let the dog climb into his lap ... and he carried past the scary big dogs when they went inside.

Brian did is weekly hour of volunteering today. This time he got to play with (i.e. exercise) the cats. He also has stories about which ones are wonderful.

Gary is have a more difficult time, having nothing to do other than go to MMA class. He mopes a little, but we ignore it.

Gary and Brian are not getting along as well as they once did. Brian is irritated by Gary's bragging. Gary is irritated by Brian's habit of doing as little as possible when asked to do a chore. I find both characteristics annoying myself, but I'm better at letting it roll off.

I'm really enjoying Andrew and Alice. I'm not sure that is exactly the right word, but they are so sweet and loving. It is making me remember what it is like to be young and in love. They are delightful.

Roland spends time relaxing and working on some furniture for his classroom. He decided it needed to be repainted, but then decided that they needed ... oh I haven't a clue. It involves the use of clamps.

As for me, I feel a bit guilty about reading novels all the time and not preparing for my fall classes, but apparently not guilty enough to stop reading novels.

Like I said, so peaceful it's boring.

But I'm not complaining.


  1. I'd say you've earned a little boredom. Hope you're enjoying it!

  2. It sounds lovely actually. I would love to play with kitty cats. And read novels. Oh wait, I guess I am reading all the Harry Potters before the new one comes out in a couple of weeks. Never mind, I guess I am boring too. Yawn.

  3. Boring is good - sometimes. I went ahead and ordered the Kindle based mostly on all the things you have had to say about it. Now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival on Thursday and hoping I don't break it right off the bat.


  4. Suzy,

    Don't worry. they are surprisingly sturdy. I "missed" the shelf I went to put it on yesterday and it dropped 4 feet onto a thin carpet. No scratches, dents or anything. I still really like mine.


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