Monday, June 15, 2009


I was out of them, socks that is. I complained to my laundry service (aka Roldand) and was told that socks would be forthcoming.

In a few days I received several pairs.

I insisted that I had more socks than that.

He pointed out that I have a tendency to pull off my socks and shoes and have not always got my socks into the laundry basket. He washes them but cannot track them.

I made mention of the baskets of undone laundry in the laundry room.

He informed me that he knew exactly what was in those baskets, and in none of them were there socks. Besides, one of those basket's was Gary's.

So I bought more socks. Little white socks. Then I went to my sister's where it was colder than here and I bought more socks, colored socks, to go with one pair of shoes I had brought. I think I may have bought 9 pair. So then, I had socks.

And yesterday Roland brought up a basket of ... socks.

Yes. Socks.

You see, Gary had left a large amount of laundry in a basket, but he put it on top of a basket full socks and underwear. (Roland's laundry sorting system is bizarre, but I've stopped trying to explain how the rest of the world does it).

Now I have socks.

Lots and lots of socks.

In fact, my sock drawer doth floweth over with socks.

I am still low on underwear without holes though.


  1. For a while now every time I tried to access your blog it would give me an error message and boot me back to the google reader page where I could read it but couldn't comment....I'm a slow learner when it comes to computer stuff...didn't think to try and open it w/ another browser...used Mozilla Firefox and magic...I'm BAAAACK!hehehe

    Anyway...there is a local macdonalds (one of many in our area) notorious for horrible and slow service (lots of teens who looked so put upon that asking them for extra sauce automatically induces them to go on coma mode of operation)...recently there is a man in his late 40s/early 50s doing everything fast and with a smile on his face and all I kept thinking was "you can tell he needs this job"

    Don't know...just made me smile to think that by doing what you are doing it allows him to learn what he would have out of a paid job but still saves a job for someone who might need it to feed his family...pretty cool.

  2. How do you get your husband to do laundry?!?!

  3. I had to buy simpsons and tweety socks to keep my family from stealing my socks. Even my dad has stolen socks from me before, and even though he doesn't have the largest feet they are definitely larger than mine.

    What I find interesting is that my mother often manages to only wash one sock. when I do laundry I always wash both. very weird...

  4. Nelfy,
    I got socks with pink toes and heels and my family still stole them!

    He's always agreed that to do half of the work. He's pretty good about long as I don't need sock on too regular basis.


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