Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plans for the day

Gary is going to his girlfriend's birthday party. She has a pool where her family has just moved and he needs a new swimsuit, he says, because his current one hits him four inches above the knee. It's a swimsuit, dude. Ah well, styles change. So I will be buying him one. He wants to buy her flowers.

The rest of us are going to Pride. Brian is taking a friend from school. Andrew is taking his girlfriend and her sister who is required to write a paper on an event from a community other than her own. I know she will be respectful and interested. Roland volunteered to sit at our church's booth for an hour or so.

David will be there and wants to meet us at 1:20. He of course really wants to see us, but I imagine he is also hoping to be bought lunch. That's okay. So it should be an exciting, fun-filled day. One of us at an outside pool and the others at a rally, march, and fair.

Oh, did I mention the weather? It is overcast, cool and windy out side, thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon.

I suppose this is to be prefered from the time we had Pride when Andrew had undiagnosed walking pneumonia and temps reached a record-breaking 114 degrees.

But not by much.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    We had a stormy Pride last weekend. It held off through the parade and then we all holed up in bars and restaurants during the downpour, then came back outside and enjoyed the programming. I hope yours is no worse than that!

  2. Happy Pride! I hope it's a great day and the weather holds out for you.


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