Sunday, June 07, 2009


okay... So I reached my phone's limit with the last one.
On Friday we spent all afternoon at the mall. We found the expensive
one that looks it might have been made for it and a less expensive one
that looked okay. Saturday we went back to buy the expensive one.

This is when I learned that I am not a real girl. See when Sis said
she had made up her mind and was just going to run in and buy it I
believed her. (Do you hear that laughter?) No. It took 2 hours for her
to go through all the stores we missed the day before and decide on
the expensive one. That one was 1 for $45 or 2 for $72 so my thrifty
sister decided she had to buy 2. The secod was for her and it would
work with a skirt she had if she just bought this little over-top
thing and some jewelry. My niece and sister had a wonderful time. I am
ready to renounce all claim to being a real girl. My sister hopes that
the hormoneswill help

The ceremony is in 3 hrs. I am writing this. N2 & my mom are reading.
N1 & Sis are getting their hair & nails done.


  1. ROFL I am so not a "real girl" either as I truly truly despise shopping. I go get what I want and need and I know what the heck that is before I set foot in the store. Better yet, I found it on line or in a catalog. I am a shoe slut but have such ordinary feet I don't have to try things on and can just buy those on line too!

  2. Yeah, I'm really not a "real girl" either.

    I hope the grad went well.

  3. Too bad you aren't in Utah, lots of modest dresses here! Yeah, I gave up my "real girl" card a long time ago. I don't like jewelry. Weird huh? I do love to shop though. For some reason my computer gets an error every time I have tried to leave a comment the last few days. I have been reading, but blocked from comments.

  4. I never was a real girl, and I'm glad for it. I hate shopping, especially for clothes.


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