Friday, June 26, 2009

Frankie Doesn't Live There Anymore

The woman who had been Frankie's foster mom called me a couple of days ago and said she would like to car pool to a recreation event the agency had for the kids today. (They climbed a big rock.) She picked up the boys, but I didn't see her. Roland went to get them, but none of them was Frankie. One of the boys said that he is in a "transitional home," which could mean just about anything.

The family had been living in a tiny town north of here. He had been doing well at the small high school there. Now they have moved to Our Small Town, and Frankie isn't with them.

I have no idea what happened. Gary's new-to-him social worker is also Frankie's worker. I will have to see what information she can give me when I see her next. It won't be much. She might say that Frankie decided he didn't want to come back to Our Small Town because the schools. Maybe the learned that the high school would insist that he go back into the restrictive program he was in when he was with us. If that happened, she would tell me. Or maybe he disrupted for any number of reasons. If that is the case, then the social worker won't say anything other than the placement didn't work out. She won't give me details.

At least he is with the agency. They will stick with him.

I had really hoped that placement would work out for him. I really had.

It is funny. Just a couple of days ago I started a post about kids moving in foster care, about how we can't have fewer moves by deciding we will have fewer moves. Kids move for reasons. If we are going to ensure fewer moves, we will need to address the reasons.


  1. You my dear, are as wise as Solomon. Now, how do we get the powers that be to listen? And why did IE let me post a comment this time?

  2. I think I love you! I downloaded chrome and it is working great! No crashing. Thank you, thank you!

  3. I thought I saw him on the avail kid posting yesterday, but he was part of a sib group with another boy. The picture was rather small and I was herding my kids, so I didn't get to compare it closely to what I rememberd from last time. The name was the same though as how he was listed before.

    Poor kid. That stinks for him.

  4. He isn't on our state web site, and he wouldn't be listed with a sibling.

    I'm hoping that he wanted to stay in the same town and go to the same school. It would be the best explanation.


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