Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's the politeness the confuses them

this morning a young man came to our door to sell something related to home schooling, or educating at home, something. Roland who is very, very nice sat on the step and talked to him. They finished with Roland telling the young man that he should come back in the evening since we had just got up. I was a bit annoyed at Roland. He is so determined to be polite to people and doesn't seem to understand that you can be polite and still refuse to engage.


A little while ago Roland left to get the boys at martial arts and the young man showed up. The dogs were making a rukus, very annoying. The Shih Tzu got out and I had to go out to chase him. I told him that Roland wasn't here and if he wanted he could talk to him tomorrow.

I said, "but you should know we don't home school."

He said, "Oh, it is not about home schooling. It is about education."

"I see, but I am still not interested."

"In education?" He seemed quite confused.

"No. In your product."

"Oh. But maybe I could still talk to you..."

"No. You can come back to talk to Roland tomorrow though. He is an educator and he might be interested."

"But you are a family, and how can he be interested if you are not?"

By that point I finally caught the dog. "Yes. That probably is a problem from your perspective. Have a good evening."

And I shut the door.

That, my darling Roland, is how it is done.

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  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    :D love that line you gave the young man :-)

    well, i suppose out of all possible flaws, "too polite" ain't so bad..? :-P


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