Monday, June 01, 2009

I have to share

Okay, this is nothing better than gossip, but I can't resist.

Someone wrote in Gary's Girlfriend's year book "remember: no glove no love."

Sadly, Girlfriend's mom whom I am beginning to think has some major issues here, read it...and all the comments in the year book. (As an aside, did anybody's mother read all the comments in their year book? Have you ever? I don't mean as a fun sharing or even teasing moment with your kid. I mean as reading it to make sure it's appropriate.)

Anyway, Girlfriend's mom decided that and other comments were inappropriate and she called the principal of the school. So half a dozen kids were called down to the principal's office today to be "spoken to" about what they wrote.

I'm really beginning to feel sorry for this poor girl. When Gary told me before that she had no privacy I didn't really believe him. I'm thinking he might not have been exaggerating.


  1. I have a cousin, Marc, who is now a lawyer with two daughters and very strict ideas about parental supervision, but when Marc was a Senior in high school, my aunt left him at home alone for a weekend (she was a prof, conferences donchaknow) and arrived home to find the house spotless but the trash cans oddly full of beer bottles. She checked out his yearbook after he left. It was full of commendations for having thrown the best party of the year. My aunt was, I'm pleased to report, rather proud of her son's responsible hooliganism.

    So no, I have no experience with parents gasping "the horrors!" over admonishons from a child's peer group to practice safe sex. Personally, if I saw that, I'd be thrilled that peer pressure was working in my favor to keep my daughter not pregnant until she wants to be a mother.

  2. Heh. She reminds me of my mother. For what it's worth, I was defiantly having sex at 14.

  3. Oh, my mom would have been *all over* the comments. But she would have just talked to me about them, not called the principal.

  4. Wow, that poor girl. My mother is incredibly liberal about sex and talking to me and my sister about sex... and somehow I'm still a virgin at nineteen and currently feel absolutely no rush to change that state of affairs. I must just be a freak of nature, right? Couldn't possibly be that because I was educated about my choices and because my mother then made the choice to step back respect MY choices, I felt empowered to make decisions about my body that were positive for me and, shock horror, actually happily talked to my mother about them afterwards.

    Trust? Breeding trust? SURELY NOT! :P

  5. wow, talk about overbearing...


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