Monday, March 02, 2009

Electrical update

All around my house there are bulbs hanging from walls and ceilings. The actual fixtures are not installed. The bathroom and kitchen lights do not work. The electricians did not make it all last week, but promise to be here on Wednesday. At that time they will:

1. Get back into the attic and replace the wires (which they apparently cut, oops) to my kitchen and bathroom lights. They are very sorry that they told me that I could put everything back into my pantry closet and now I have to take it out again.

2. Put the last outlet in my bedroom so that I can move my bed out from the middle of the room and back to the wall.

3. Re-wire the back entry light, using wire molding.

4. Give Gary a couple extra outlets, also using molding.

5. Install a new door bell.

6. Install an outside outlet where that box is under the security light. (You know, the one on the garage.)

They will not put a new light on the ceiling in the laundry room like we talked about and they will not install any fixtures. We told them that we didn't need the light and that we could do the fixutres. The electrician's buddy was very pleased to be told that we could install our own fixtures. Our job got interrupted by service calls and is now interrupting other scheduled jobs. I know this is what happens to small independent contractors. I was warned that it happens to this guy in particular.

We have to decide what to do about the fixtures. They had already re-installed the dining room one and we were getting some sparkage. Actually, a lot of sparkage. Anyway, we either have to re-wire the fixtures or put in new stuff. As you know I want to keep the old stuff, but we will see how much difficulty we have doing the rewiring. Paying the elctrician to dis-assemble fixtures and put new thingamajigs in them would put me way over budget.

If we do buy new stuff, I will package up the old stuff carefully and put it in the top of a closet so that we, or other owners, will have the option of fixing them and putting them back in.

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