Monday, March 23, 2009


I got a call from the agency to do respite for a 17 y/o boy. I told her that it would be easier if Andrew weren't home on vacation and I needed to check in with everyone. I called back to tell her that my best offer was the sofa in the rec room.

She is going to call the supervisor and see if that is allowed -- it was five years ago. If it is she is going to check in with the boy and see what he wants.

The family who had committed to doing respite has to travel suddenly for some sort of family emergency. They could and would take him along, but there would be added expense to the agency. The social worker feels obligated to see if she can find an alternative.

So I guess we will see.

The burden would mostly be on Roland. I have to go to work. Everyone else is on Spring Break.


  1. The day before our Spring Break Disney trip we got a call for three girls ages 5, 6, and 9. I said we could take them with us but that I would need a travel letter for them or they could go to respite for the week and then we could take them as soon as we got back. Secretly I was hoping we didn't have to pay that extra $1500 to take them at the last minute, so I was glad that CPS found them another placement. Turns out they made abuse allegations and now there is an investigation and so on and so forth ... and gosh am I glad we missed out on that one.

    Many 17 year old boys would love a sofa in the rec room. What did the agency decide?

  2. They haven't called back. I'm assuming this means that the supervisor said it was okay and the kid, who is being given a choice, hasn't decided yet.


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