Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quick updates

computer dead. Kaput. Won't turn on. Fortunately a week ago it turned off in the middle of nothing and I backed stuff up. Roland will let me use his computer as necessary, but he needs it too and it is at his desk. Just not the same as having the computer next to my chair, reading posts and tweets at a moment's desire. If I get lucky I will get a loaner from IT tomorrow.

Gary's found a job on Craig's list for "an experienced martial arts instructor." He sent an email yesterday and is very surprised and annoyed not to get a response. "How many experienced trainers could there be?" I said, "the question is how many people THINK they are qualified." He then explained, again, how much better he is than almost everyone he met. I nodded.

I think I forgot to tell you about Gary coming back with an injury and story remarkable like the one Brian told the week before him. Someone who did not have control hurt him. He was emotionally more subdued than Brian was but did tell me that he was never going to spar with that guy again.

Oh the things I have learned not to say.

Sigh...well, I will be back on line periodically. The twitter box on the side bar will continue to update some. Brian reads those, so I do have to be careful what I tweet.


  1. Isn't it sort of funny how karma comes and takes care of things?

  2. Dead puter?? Ack. This reminds me, I really need to do a backup, I would be devastated to lose my purty pictures.


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