Monday, March 23, 2009

What she said

And by "she" I do mean altasien

T*rina, one of my favorite bloggers, got some serious threats from a Troll. Altasien has a great post on it. It was particularly savage because the troll stated he was going to turn her into CPS. Her crime? Writing about how exhausted and overwhelmed she was. Being honest about her feelings.

Really, read the post linked above.


  1. It didn't stop at just trolling. The two bloggers involved also wrote up big rants on their own blogs, including pictures of T*rina.

    Nice guys, both.

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  3. I just read the troll's original comment that Torina posted - luckily, I got the feed before she went private. It's disgusting, even a casual read through the post he commented on would have told this guy that he's talking about a teenager with serious brain damage and not just, as he writes, a kid who "has a hard time fitting in."

    But hey, he's "worked with problem children and teens for years" so he knows that 14 hours of "shooting the shit" over ice cream could cure RAD. Oh joy! Why has nobody ever thought of that before?

    You know, I've been mystified by the ability of seemingly rational people to complain simultaneously that kids in foster care are moved around too much and at the same time that they aren't removed from unsuitable homes quickly enough without any acknowledgment of the inherent contradiction in their demands. LK, this troll and the other commenters on his blog take that to a whole new place that leaves rationality all together. Instead of constructively engaging to make the best of what by any standard must be acknowledged as bad situation (children endangered or abandoned by their biological parents) - as T*rina and every other Fost/Adopt parent does - they do nothing but attack the people who are acting constructively for the crime of not creating an ideal world under some of the least ideal circumstances possible.

    Mr. Taylor should consider doing something constructive, like marching right down to an adoption agency, subjecting himself to a homestudy, and putting his ice cream fixes everything plan into action. Do it, Mr. Taylor! The world is just one trip to Baskin Robbins away from being a much, much better place, if only we'd thought of that before!

  4. I wondered where Torina went. Trolls suck royally, especially ones that dont have a clue.Anyone who has read her for any length of time knows that she loves her daughter but the days in and days out of living with her take a huge toll!

  5. It is very sad that Torina had to go underground. Thanks for her email address and the info I have contacted her.


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