Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quiet Evening

I picked up the boys from school today just because. Everyone has my cold and Brian went immediately downstairs and crashed. Gary however hung around. I asked if he minded fixing the spaghetti for dinner and he did. Roland had a meeting after school so it was just us.

We ate and talked, then hung in the living room and talked. He told me about his girlfriend, about getting in trouble at school for "pda" (they held hands), and asked me how old Carl was in the picture over mantle. Somehow though we talked for two hours. It was pleasant, and I know he enjoyed it...just having an adult who found him interesting who wanted to talk, wanted to listen.

And I wanted to tell you about it. I like sharing the moments in between the dramas. It can be so difficult though to find words, so I guess I will borrow Lewis Carol's:

''The time has come,' the Walrus said,
'To talk of many things:
Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing wax --
Of cabbages -- and kings --
And why the sea is boiling hot --
And whether pigs have wings.''


  1. OMG you didn't draw Gary up onto the beach and eat him did you?

  2. Those moments need to be savored too.


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