Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Eat With After A Root Canal

Let's say you are Gary and you have just had a root canal to a front tooth. You've had your yogurt and scrambled eggs. You even ate some of the roast pork by cutting it up and putting it into your mouth with your fingers, but you are still hungry.

1. Get a box of brownie mix.
2. Make brownies.
3. Put approximately the equivalent of 1 quart of brownie into your bowl.
4. Attempt to eat.
5. Discover they are too gooey and sticky to eat with your fingers and that scraping the fork with your teeth is unbearable.
6. Add milk and mix.
7. Drink through straw.
8. Totally ignore younger brother making gagging sounds.

Mmmm...brownie milkshake.


  1. Has he thought about cooking the brownies? Because they get solid when you cook them - he knows that, right?


  2. Getting desperate! Pretty clever.

  3. It made me gag a little!

  4. I love new recipes for chocolate :-)

  5. One of my kids mixes the brownie with ice cream and mixes and mixes, then eats it with a spoon. I'm sure it's delicious, but it isn't easy to watch.

  6. Ewww, but I think he is clever!

  7. I think this is another one of those things you must have a "Y" chromosome to even consider doing. Gross. :-)


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