Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jo will approve

'cause she always seems to be the one who pushes me to see the doctor.

So I told my doctor about the asthma problems I have had, starting with the ... um ... thing that happened here that made the air bad. (Sorry, it was in a while back and I didn't say anything because blogging it would have been waving a great big flag saying "I LIVE HERE." The air was bad, okay? If you have guesses, kindly do not live them in the comments.) He thinks that it was the bad thing that set me off and that my lungs never quite got back to good. Bad things can do that sometimes.

Anyway, he has changed my daily inhaler from the one I have to one that is like the one I have PLUS a dose of a long term version of my rescue inhaler. If I like it better I can stay on it, but I think I am not going to like it better. It makes me jittery. He wanted to listen to my lungs. I told him that it was a good day; I wasn't having any symptoms. Then I coughed and said, "Well, almost no symptoms." He reported that he could hear just a little bit of wheezing.

In other news, we have to call back the electricians because Brian's ceiling light only works when the rec room light is turned on. This makes sense because once upon a time Brian's room was the back third of the rec room and his light was on the same switch. Still, for years it did operate independently and I am confident that it can once again.

Let's see...what else? My last computer is well and truly dead. The appropriate response to that is "woo hoo!" In these tough economic times the college is not rushing out to buy me a new computer. I did however get to keep the loaner from IT, which is a much better computer than my previous one, even when that computer was working. It is too big to fit into the padded section of my back pack that I have been using for years. I have decided that I must start saving allowance to buy a grown up bag. I went to look at them before my appointment today. What I don't understand is why no one seems to be able to make a woman's computer bag with padded straps. I don't have anything against using a plain black unisex bag, but I sort of like some of the ones designed for women.

I just don't want to choose between looks and comfort.

There was one comfortable bag...it was red and had metal hearts on it. I'd rather have black.

I had to suspend Gary's cell phone service because he can't find his phone. He probably left it on the bus. He was already using the only remaining "back up" phone in the house. We let Andrew take the other off to college since his battery was having trouble holding a charge. We are "eligible for new phones at discount pricing" in about a month. I guess he might just have to do without for a while. If you see his phone though, please let us know.


  1. I only push for the doctor, (lest anyone think I am some sort of western medicine cheerleader, doctor pusher) because BREATHING is important, and asthma, if not properly treated, um, kind of kills people. Well, not kind of, actually does. And I like you, so I would rather you stuck around for a bit.

  2. And I do approve, thank you.

  3. I'm glad to hear you went to the doctor and that the doctor listened and did something. As Jo said, breathing is important, and I'd also like you to continue.

    You can buy replacement straps with padding if you find a bag you like that has a detachable strap. A has ordered several, I can let you know from where if you want. I'm not sure if you can see my e-mail here. If not, contact me on Twitter.

    Laura de Leon

  4. I am glad you have found a new med. I hope that you get used to it and the jitters go away.

    I think if Gary were my kid he would be working his butt off to buy a new phone. I never understand how these kids want the phones so bad, but never seem to be able to find them. My kid is totally that way!!

  5. I might be more inclined to make him pay for a phone, except he was supposed to be getting Roland's current phone in April. Gary's going to call the bus company to see if anyone turned it in. If not, he will just have to do without a phone for a month, which is a pretty extreme, and natural, consequence for him.

  6. I also hope the jitters go away.

    Did I mention that the medicine taste like spray paint (or rather like it smells)?

  7. Laptop bags for women, from about.com:


    Glad to hear you went to the doc - I know my asthma improved by leaps and bounds once I was on proper meds. (I spent three days in ICU and a week in the hospital after a particularly bad attack in 1996; now that I'm on better drugs, it's been 3 or 4 years since I've had an attack.)

  8. I am so glad you got some answers. In my case the jitteryness went away once I got used to it. :)


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