Monday, March 23, 2009

His Mouth Hurts

Remember when Gary got his tooth knocked out?

Today he finally had the root canal and temporary crown. He goes back later for the real crown.

In case you are wondering why it took so long, that was because he could theoretically keep the temporary tooth extension. Then when he decided he would get a real crown I did not realize that saying, "My tooth is a little sensitive" meant "OMG!!! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" So I calmly suggested that maybe he would like to make the appointment for spring break.

He came home looking pale and saying that it really hurt. Expression of actual pain might mean he feels a little safer expressing weakness or it hurts beyond all belief.

I told him that I would get him whatever he wanted to eat. He is really hungry, not having eaten since breakfast (that was his choice), but all he wants is yogurt.

He's moved up to scrambled eggs and small pieces of pork roast.


  1. Poor Gary. I hope his mouth feels better soon. For a teen age boy to only want yogurt, he is hurting w/ a capital H. Lee

  2. Particularly since I had a pork roast in the crock pot today.

  3. I feel for him. I had 2 crowns put in and my mouth was sore for days. It took awhile before they felt truly natural in my mouth. Hope he's feeling upto real food soon.


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