Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pictures of the Fixtures

I took some photos of the fixtures I've been talking about, in case you were interested.

This is the one in the dining room. The living room is the same except it has a 2" dark red glass ball that hangs in the center. There are wall sconces that coordinate in the living room, but they are current taken apart and need to be rewired. Actually, the ceiling fixtures are a mess right now too. We may have to have them professionally re-wired. Roland tried but the electrician said he didn't do them right. I took this photo before they came down.

These are the ones in the guest bedroom. These are the least attractive of the bunch. Since this bedroom is also the warmest in summer we are considering putting up a fan. We will keep the original lights in a box in the closet if we do.

The ones in the master bedroom may be my favorites, although I admit the compact florescent doesn't do much for the sconce:

I've been reminding myself that I really like the living & dining room lights. I'm so frustrated right now because they are pulled apart. The electrician took off the bare light bulbs that were hanging from the ceiling and walls, so we don't have anything other than lamps out here now. Part of me is just tempted to go to the home improvement store and buy new stuff.
I must resist that temptation, and not just because I like the old fixtures. The electrician bill is going to be higher than expected. Sigh. In part that is because we asked for more outlets than he originally figured. Partly it is because he found previous re-wiring that was unsafe and had to be fixed. We've put off replacing the attic fan (which we had hoped could be repaired) for another month, which should help a little.

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  1. Very cool fixtures. I can definitely see why you'd want to keep them.


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