Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well, I guess that showed me

Neither boy is permitted TV, video games or computer until they bring their grades back up. Gary is sanguine. He wouldn't give us the satisfaction of being upset over anything. He's too tough, you know.

Brian however is not speaking to us at the moment.

He wouldn't even tell us why he was putting on his shoes and storming out the back door.

Gary volunteered that they were going to ride their bikes together.

Yep, they're going to get some fresh air and exercise. That'll show us...taking away all their electronics.

Maybe they will get really angry and take further revenge by cleaning their rooms and reading books.


  1. Fresh air and exercise together, no less.

    If you can figure out a way to get a kid so mad that they do all the laundry and detail the car... no, that would be wrong.

  2. Or maybe cleaning out the garage and refusing dessert!

  3. Fresh air and exercise! Well, that will show you.

  4. Now THAT's funny! Thanks for sharing!


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