Thursday, February 05, 2009

the tooth, again

So you all remember about when he got the front tooth broke in MMA, right?

Well, ever now and then he has mentioned that it is still sensitive. When I ask how much he generally says something like, "Pretty much."

Well, today we got the letter saying that Medicaid will pay for the crown. He asked me if having it would make his tooth not be sensitive anymore, because it was annoying him. I said that they might do a root canal too, but that yes, it wouldn't be sensitive after that.

Then, really casually, like it didn't really matter he said, "So, would I be asleep when they were doing that?"

I said that his dentist did use sedation for people who needed it, but that usually people were awake.

"But they use some sort of pain medication, right?" This time he is still acting casual, but I can see there is some effort involved.

"Oh yeah, it will be completely numb. You won't feel anything."

"Oh good. Well, I think I will probably have it done." He's back to totally nonchalant.

After a while I asked him about this sensitivity. He said that the tooth was sensitive to pressure and hot and cold. He kind of shrugged.

"So, when it hurts the worst, on a scale of one to ten, how bad is it?"

"Mmm...about seven."

"That's a lot."

He grinned, "Yeah, kind of wants to make you never drink anything cold ever again."

Just in case you ever have to deal with Gary, you should know that if something hurts enough for him to tell you about it, he is in pain.


  1. My eldest is like this. I always worry that someday he will walk in and say my leg hurts a little and it will turn out to be broken. :-)

    He had double ear infections as a toddler that we never knew about till a well baby visit. Makes you really feel like parent of the year. LOL

    In his case, it is his autistic issues that deprive him of sensory stuff; obviously not Gary's case.

  2. Understated kind of kid. Funny boy.

  3. I am like that. I think it comes from not having anyone to complain to as a young child.

  4. Noah was having some pain in his tooth. We took him in the day before we left and the dentist said that if there is pain, it's because the root has decided to die and the bacteria has no place to go, because they have filled in the opening. He took a course of antibiotics, and now he has no choice but to undergo a root canal. :(


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