Friday, February 13, 2009

The ectrician

Off topic, of course...

The electrician and buddy (he seemed more like a fellow electrician brought on to help with the job rather than an employee to be ordered about), came and did "discovery." This meant that they looked closely at stuff and climbed into my attic.

They like my attic. It seems I have 500 sq ft of usable space. I could put in a room. Putting in a stair case TO the attic would be an issue, but the buddy tells me that I could easily put in a metal spiral staircase on the landing in the back entry (where now the recycling piles up). It would be a really cool room. If I don't want to do that I should at least consider one of those pull down staircases in the hall and use it for storage.

He seemed quite excited.

I'm thinking they spend a lot of time crawling in tight attics.

I got excited when the electrician pointed at one of the dozen of wires Roland has running around door frames and along the floors and said, "If you want, I can run all these wires through the attic too."

I almost fainted with joy.

He did say that he might have to go a just a bit over the original bid. I told him that his bid had come in a bit under what I had budgeted for the job (although if I had had to buy light fixtures it would have be over in total), so that was okay.

Next week they work.


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Whenever we have attic work done, which is seldom since it's not really usable space, we have to call and specify that they send someone skinny. I've never tried to shimmy through the tiny hole to get up there and I can't imagine how the professionals do it, but they got up there a month or so ago and blew in insulation and I hope that's the last time we'll have to deal with it. I'm sure they were longing for an attic like yours, though!

  2. The access hole isn't very large though. I had to empty out the pantry closet so they could get to it.

  3. That's exciting! Can I have your electrician buddy too! He must love his job. An extra room. How cool.


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