Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David Sighting

Remember how David's phone number didn't work?

So today I was talking with one of my students in my office and he saw a photo of four of the boys and said, "Hey, is [David] one of your kids?"

"Yes, have you seen him recently?"

"Yeah. We were at the same club yesterday. I IM him all the time!"

So I told him that when I tried to call last his phone didn't work. I fished for some info (shameless!) and told the student to tell David to call his mom.

The student thought that was funny, but promised that the next time he saw David on IM he would tell him.


It is good to know that he is alive, of course.


  1. What a relief to know that he is ok!

  2. LOL Quite a relief, and quite funny.

    Another funny story- my daughter has a habit of posting "I'm so homesick" on her web pages, along with other so pitiful things. However, she NEVER calls home (unless to share a catastrophe, illness or crisis). Sometimes, when I notice that friends/family are starting to contact me asking how she is, saying they read she was homesick, I'll either post on her webpage "Hi honey, don't forget we have a phone if you're homesick. I hate we haven't heard from you since (blah blah date) and you're this sad. Did you forget the number?" or I'll call her friends and give a similar message.

    LOL She finally admitted she was more homesick for boyfriends/partying/freedom than she was actually family.

    Thanks honey. Sure know how to make us feel loved LOL. Gotta love the young adult years.

  3. I am sorry. Kids...


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