Monday, February 02, 2009

Texting the kid

Me to Gary: When are u coming home?
Gary: When do you need me home?
Me: Mostly I just need to know. Sooner is better, after 8 is too late.
Gary: Um...6...ish?
Me: k

five minutes later
Gary: Is something wrong?
Me: No. It is just that I cooked turkey thighs, mashed potatoes and peas*. Roland is running an errand, and Brian doesn't like potatoes or peas. No one is here to eat my food.
Gary: I am sorry. LOL.

He's a good kid and a blessing in my life.

*All Gary's favorites


  1. Did he come home and eat?

  2. You are a good mom. And nothing like preparing his favorite foods to get him home from the mall (be it in Schoolville or The Big City). He sounds like a good boy. I don't know many teenage boys that would think to ask if something was wrong after mom asked when they would be home. I hope he made it home to eat! (Does he eat with/in front of you more now, or not so much?)

  3. That made me hungry...I'd like to go over to eat your food...but I don't think I'd make it by six!

    I'm glad he's with you and you with him and that he has someone to text him wanting him to come HOME...just that...whether he does or not...just knowing someone wants him to come home is a good thing...everyone should have that you know? someone that wants you to come home.

  4. He texted and asked if he could be home later, but before curfew. I said yes. He promised to be hungry.

    Everyone in the family got used to the buffet style meal, all the boys would be just fine with it. Still, I've been asking for the family to eat together about twice a week now. The request is directed at all of them, and they humor me.

    So yes, he is eating with us more.


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