Sunday, February 08, 2009

MMA Tournament

It was yesterday. He wasn't sure what time it was, but it was yesterday.

And he wanted to go, which was good because we previously paid the fee for him to compete.

Oh, regarding the fee? At first he asked for an advance on his allowance. He said it was very important to him to pay for it himself and he didn't want us to pay for it. I said that it was the sort of thing we usually pay for for kids, and he said that he didn't want us to. I said that we would pay half and when his allowance came I would give him the rest. When it was time for the allowance his girlfriend had just asked him to go to the winter formal and he wanted to take her out to dinner. He asked me for ideas for restaurants where he could get her dinner and maybe still be able to buy a corsage for [insert total allowance amount here]. We didn't talk about the fee. It was okay. I gave him the full allowance.

Anyway, he wasn't sure of the time, so he spent all morning calling people. Of course he might have called days before, but what would be the fun in that?

At noon he found out that it started at 10:00am, so I drove him over. He didn't want to compete in any kick boxing matches, just grappling.

He went to the girlfriend's after, of course.

Then he came home. And now the part that you've all been waiting for!

"I came in second! I would have won, but on the last match I lost on points...just one point! See you get points for [insert explanation here]. And in the match he did [this] and I did [this] and then everyone was yelling 'mount! mount! mount!" because that is the only way I could win. Then I got him in a mount and I was just holding on and holding on and he couldn't shake me and I was going to win by one point. Except right at the end when they were calling time I relaxed like one second too soon and he threw me off and so he won by one point. But I am a good sport about it because I know that I was better than he was!

"The first match was SWEET. It was like five seconds long. I got the guy [insert explanation] and he tapped out! It was great, because I haven't had that much confidence since I got kicked in the head, but everything just went so perfect and I came out of there just glowing. I felt really good!

"And then there was the second match, and I won that too."

There was at one point a detailed description of the second match, but it was not, as the other two were, on automatic replay all evening long. Having heard that description only once, I can't even summarize it for you. He did win though.

He was on a high all evening, telling us about it over and over and over.

It was lovely to see him so happy.

He is going to go back to the private gym though. He is going to take the class that Brian is in instead of working out with the fighters. He thinks that is best. He will still go to the Y to work out though. He needs to go to the class so he can earn the belts. You don't need belts to compete in MMA, but someday he wants to open his own gym and probably people will only pay him to teach them if he does have a black belt, so he is going to get one.

He is happy.

And he still has all of his teeth.


  1. Oh this is so very cool! I am so proud of him for competing and it is so great that he placed well his first time out. It does build self confidence so much. And having teeth is a plus too! LOL

  2. Awww, Congrats to Gary! Well done!

  3. That's so cool. Congratulations Gary!


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