Friday, September 21, 2007


I got back the information I asked the state worker for.

I'm trying to process it. According to the state worker "Emily's" lawyer is telling her to relinquish her rights as the TPR will happen no matter what.

And the state worker thinks that the idea of Frankie coming to the hearing "would be great!"


It sounds horribly stressful and sad to me. In which version is it great? In the version where she agrees to give up her rights to her son or the one in which she isn't and he is asked to testify that she has almost never contacted him and based in part on that, she looses her rights to him?

I'm feeling a bit nausous, and I don't think it is just the veritgo.


  1. Ok she is one weird lady. is she expecting him to be happy that ehy saved him or something.. ? Can you try to stop this...

  2. I think the social worker has had a little too much caffeine. That, or crack maybe?

    Can you call her supervisor and voice your concerns? Not about the crack of course.

  3. Yeah, that really doesn't feel great to me. But then I often don't get the skewed reality of caseworkers.


    Hope he doesn't go... that wouldn't be a good memory for him, poor kid.

  4. Based on what you've said about Frankie and his father, that sounds like a disaster to me. If he already blames himself for his father's TPR, how much worse would it be if he were in the room for his mother's? Even if he didn't say or do anything he'd be convinced it was his fault.

  5. This sounds like a set up for devestation. There is no way that a TPR is EVER "great". This kid has been through a lot and I can't see how making him a part of this would be good for anyone. It certainly won't make things better. I deserve he has a right to know but to throw him in the middle of this. I can see it now, emotional turmoil, a ruling, and "Next case"

    Yeah that's great! (Sarcasm)


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