Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Three Kids -- Five Registrations

Yep. We are having a time here.

Today was my fifth registration experience for the year. We signed the intake paper work for The Learning Center (TLC). Hubby and I had to sign papers saying that we understood what all the rules were and that if Frankie was having a really hard day we would have to come and pick him up. It was explained also that getting into the program was difficult and that you were not allowed to decide to go back to the regular school. They decided. Since Frankie is fifteen he will probably graduate from the alternative high school (AHS) that shares the same building. Initially all of his time will be in TLC, but he gradually spend more time at AHS. Possibly he will be there full time eventually.

They had a list of goals or intentions, or whatever they were called. Things like "respect, clear thinking, anger management." Frankie was initially a bit miffed because he got certificates indicating he had completed programs in many of those areas already. I said that he would just progress on those goals. "For instance with respect, you are already very respectfu..."
"That's what I mean!"
"So maybe instead of just respect you could work on not interrupting."
He grinned.

Since he missed the first week he will have to come after school to complete orientation. Possibly as many as six times. Usually the new kids complete the orientation time and THEN start attending except...drum roll please...

The high school un-enrolled him as soon as they heard he was going to be transfered to TLC. He got to school this morning only to find out that he wasn't a student there anymore. They let him spend the day though. I think he just hung out in study skills all day.

Sound familiar to anyone?
Anyway, TLC will let him come start tomorrow as long as we transport him. Getting him on the TLC bus route will take a day or so.


  1. I hate registering kids for school. All that paperwork... And it's so annoying because you fill out the same damn crap every year, even though nothing has changed.

  2. Nice. It doesn't seem like they should be able to un-enroll him until he's ready to be unenrolled.

  3. You must be exhausted by now.

    Back on line and catching up slowly.


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