Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Day Like Any Other

Yesterday Frankie was calm and happy. He spent the first couple hours he was awake playing WoW and just about the entire rest of the day looking through a manual trying to decide which new character would be the least expensive since all his characters run out of money.

I am told by the boys that he runs out of money because he spends it impulsively; attacks "wufs" and other things without strategy or help;' and uses very expensive shorter means for self-rescue. I don't know if it is a lack of attention span thing, or a difficulty understanding that actions have consequences thing.

I was leaning heavily towards the consequences part, but he seems to get that in real life.

Anyway, he did not bring up his father and I let it go too. I did bring up his mom -- whom he has not lived with since he was 9 (when he first went to live with his dad). He was pretty calm about her. He wonders why she hasn't called when she has his number and said she would, but it doesn't seem to bother him much.

While it seems like he would give anything to back in time and do things differently with his father, he has no desire to live with his mom, at least now. Maybe when he is 17 she will have her life together enough that he will want to live her now.

I pointed out that the program he was in was for kids to stay in until they were ready to live alone. He said, "Yeah. I know." At that point he seemed bored or irritated with the topic, so I let it go.

I'm glad he has a really good counselor and that he is going to be seeing said counselor twice a week for a while. A whole lot is bubbling to the surface and though I hope it continues to come out in language and not action, well... it would be unusual.

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