Monday, September 24, 2007

There's a big thumb sticking out of America...

Today on our drive home from Frankie's appointment...

"There's a big thumb sticking out of America, but most people don't see it. We are at our apex and no civilization stays like that, so we will fall. When we fall, how do you think people will think about us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like the may-oes."

"Did you say 'tomatoes'?"

"NO. The May-Ons. Will people remember us like we remember the May-Ons?"

"OH! I am sure people will remember us, just like we remember the Mayans."

"Because now our president is getting too much power. When we made the Declaring of Independence we said that the president could not send people to war. That power went to the Supreme something. But now the president does it and it is a big thumb sticking out of America."


"Isn't 60% better than 55%?"

"It depends of what it is 60% of."

"Well it says here that roy-jes can reduce their eminees to 60% of their power but warriors can reduce their eminees to 55% of their power."

"In that case 55% is better. It means that warriors can make their enemies less powerful than rogues can."


"Do you want me to find that radio station again? Maybe there will be another song by that cobra guy you liked."

"You mean Nat King Cole? Sure. See if you can find it. Let's listen to the cobra guy!"

And Frankie laughs.

Earlier he asked me if I liked Beet-oh-van. I said yes, but I liked Motzart better.


  1. you just have to love that kid! but there is another part of the anatomy sticking out of america! that is the best description of what is happening i have heard in a while though! yea frankie!!

  2. Ok, this has been bothering me since the last time you mentioned it. Where on earth did he get "roy-jes" from? I could understand "rog-you" or "roj-you", but "roy-jes"?

  3. Has he being reading European papers. it is more or less what they say about America!

  4. Frankie is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Bug in the things he says. Today she asked me what a blower is. You don't want to know what she was talking about. But I think I'm going to refer to it as a blower from now on since that is funny. :)

  5. Sarsmile -- I have no idea where he got "roy-jes."

    He is slowly fixing it though. About one third of the time he says "roygs" and yesterday I heard him say it correctly twice.

    My only guess was that he knew it wasn't pronounced like it was spelled, but could not remember how it was pronounced. Once he made up his own it stuck.

  6. Frankie cracks me up sometimes! I don't follow politics or what is going on overseas too much but the way he explained it is good. Go Frankie!

  7. I love this kid. And how observant is he of fall and decline of civilizations. There are a lot of Phd's who have come to conclusion, of course none of them put it quite as succinctly as the thumb.

    Do you keep a list of Frankieisms?


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