Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frankie's New Toy

Frankie's new toy is... a cell phone.

About a year and a half ago we couldn't find Andrew when we had to go to The City. We ended up leaving without him. He called us after we had been on the road for 15 minutes and I had to tell him that he could ask if he could stay at his friend's house, across the street from the high school, or he could walk home (about a mile). Still it was frustrating, as we had missed each other by minutes -- each time I went to the school. I hated driving away without knowing where he was; and without him knowing were we were.

That evening we added cell phones for the boys to the family plan. Brian often forgets to carry his, but I find them wonderful aids to parenting. They are very good at not using too many minutes, and I can always get in touch with them.

And it is only fair to get one for Frankie too. Arguably he does not need one as he doesn't go anywhere but school, but that will probably change.

So I picked out one of the least expensive phones. It has no camera and no ability to hook to the web. It is not enabled for the purchasing of games, wallpaper, or ringtones. I even blocked texting.

So it is a phone. It can make and receive calls.

And apparently it has a function in it where you can create ringtones. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it works. He is keeping himself quite entertained with it.

And so far it is not make me crazy.

I wonder if I can plug headphones into his cell phone...

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