Sunday, September 23, 2007

ISO Richard "Clay" OConnor

Now I wouldn't do this for just anyone -- but a foster care alum trying to find another foster care alum -- that's not just anyone.

  • Stepdad owned a tattoo shop
    Went to Academy of Richmond County
    Was in the foster care system of Augusta, GA
    Knew Connie Lord (shes the one who said you were looking)
    Previously lived in Oklahoma with sister-in-law and brother
    Previously lived in Gainesville, FL
    Blonde hair, about 5' 8"
    The names Tina Oates, John Chandler, Bill Rigdon, Margery Hall, and Clifford Black should ring a bell with him (not to mention Mr. Johnson, our high school principal).

If you know him, or might be him, please go here and contact Cari. She would love to get in touch with him again.

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