Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update on Breathing

Just in case you haven't been reading this breath-taking tale, here's the summary. Brian for the past several days has had trouble breathing. He makes a noise called stridor with every single breath, unless he is asleep or deeply engaged in a TV show. He has protested that it is not anxiety; he can't make it stop; nobody believes him. He has insisted the doctors don't believe him. He has had x-rays, a sleep apnea screening, been kicked out of class for disturbing others with his noises. The school strongly suggested that if we could not fix this he would be classified as emotionally disturbed and schooled with the scary kids.

I have been over-wrought myself not knowing what to do. I have wanted to shake him and wanted to be sympathetic.

I picked him up from school today and he got into the car pouting and breathing noisily. He managed to spend the whole three hours he is supposed to be there, but he spent most of it in an empty office doing work because he was affecting his classmates ability to concentrate. I dropped him off with the list of things I wanted him to accomplish.

I came home this afternoon.

"Listen mom!" He breathes deeply and silently. "It's gone!"

"When did it go away?"

"I don't know. Maybe an hour ago."

"What made it stop?"

"I dunno. What did you think, Mom? That it would stay forever?" He says rolling his eyes.

The little shit.

I mean, hurrah! My kid is all better.


  1. Weird! What do you think was going on? And may I confess while I never say that brown word, I have thought it occasionally.

  2. huh. so that's it? i wonder what was going on.

  3. awwww, good to hear!

  4. Weird!! I am glad he is better though!!

  5. Whew! Glad he's feeling better, and you are too!


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