Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh yeah...I know that word

I've been reading some philosophical dialogues with my students. The philosophers who wrote them gave their characters names that fit their positions.

Leibniz wrote a dialogue in which his views are represented by a character he calls "Theophilus" or "friend of G-d" who has a conversation with Philalethes which means "friend of truth."

Berkeley represents his views with Philonous, or "friend of mind," who converses with Hylas whose poor name means nothing more "matter" or "stuff."

And of course the word "philosophy" is just a combination of "philos" which means love or friend and sophie which means "wisdom."

As I read I thought that "friend of children" would be a good blog name for someone, not that I would change mine again, but wouldn't that be a cool name? Greek for friend of children?

Let's see... "friend" is "Philos" and "children" is "ped." Would it be "Philoped?" That has an odd sound. Wait, it sounds like a word I already know...isn't there a word in English already that uses philos and ped?

Slowly, only one cup of tea in my system my brain works slowly... not Philoped, but pedo...

Damn! Not a good blogging name after all.


  1. silph3:05 PM

    lol! funny how our brains work sometimes, isn't it? *g*

    Keep on drinkin' that tea, eh? :-)


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