Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't jinx it!

I'm not really superstitious. Not really. I don't really think that shouting out good news before it is final can affect whether it really happens.

But I'm nervous and I am afraid of jinxing it. So I will only tell you what has happened.

Evan has done all the paper work he is supposed to do to get funding from the foster agency for college next year. He's been accepted into an associate program in information technology with the possibility of staying on for a bachelor's degree. The official meeting at which the agency will tell him whether he will be funded for school is coming up in a few weeks, but he just realized that the housing deposit was due today and they paid it.

And so he called me, "So they haven't said that I have the funding yet, but if they paid the housing deposit that must mean they are going to give it to me right? I mean, they wouldn't pay the housing deposit and then say they weren't going to help me with the rest of it, right?"

"I really don't think so, Evan. It sounds to me like you're going to go."

"They said they think I should have a single room. They put down the higher deposit so that I could get one!"

Yep, he's excited and nervous and thrilled.

And he had to call me to tell me about it.

"I'm your first kid to go to college, aren't I?"

"Yes sweetie, you are."


  1. That sounds really promising! No jinxing it, so I'll just I hope it all works out.

  2. Fingers crossed, I'm so excited for him. I remember those days waiting to get into school. I got choked up. He said "your kids".

  3. Wow! What happy news! (but not happy news yet--trying not to jinx. . .) It's so great that he gets to live in a dorm! And a single! I feel like so few students get that traditional college experience these days, and it's kind of a bummer. Living in a dorm is such a fun way to transition to adulthood.

  4. How wonderful!!!! And exciting!!!

    You must be one proud momma!!!

  5. Yay! What great news!! Congratulations to Evan (and to you for helping him get there)

  6. Please ignore the woman crying in the corner of your blog. She's just so damn happy for you both.

  7. You stinker, you've made me tear up and now Huck and the dogs think Mommy's got an owie. I'm so happy for Evan, so happy for you.

  8. So wonderful! Congrats to Evan for getting things done!

  9. You know what makes me happiest about this post? How excited Evan sounds :)

  10. that is really awesome!

  11. Crossing my fingers!


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