Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lionmom's Interview

Writing interview questions for Lionmom was a challange. That old standby, "How did you meet your love" has been answered. In that post and others she has talked about beginning care. So here are my questions for her.

Questions for Lionmom:

1. What skill did you have to learn to care for traumatized kids?
2. GLBT kids obviously have to deal with issues in the world that straight kids do not. What advice would you give parents of queer teenagers?
3. What was the best unexpected thing about doing care?
4. What did you learn about yourself from doing care?
5. How do you take care of youself through all the pain and loss?


  1. I guess I already talk to much, huh ;)

    Answers posted :)

  2. Wow good questions.


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