Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Interview

Altasien expresses an interest in being interviewed.

I find this prospect somewhat challenging. Altasien is still pre-parenting so I can't ask questions about how the experience was different than she expected. She is, like me, an anonymous blogger and so I'm not certain what she might be unwilling to answer. So...

There's the obvious question:
1. How did you meet your husband?

Then there is the serious question:
2. How should race issues be addressed in foster parent training?

And how about some risky questions. You haven't started parenting yet, so:
3. What do you predict will be the most challenging for you personally?
4. What strength or skill do you have that will be most valuable to you as you parent?
5. How do you imagine you and your husband working together as parents?

Now I know this is not the same ordinarily part of this interview meme, but I would really enjoy it, Altasien, if you would come back after a year or so of parenting if you would come back and re-assess the answers you give the to those last three questions.

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  1. I answered them, but number two take me a while!


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