Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blog Roll

I'm planning on updating the blog roll. If you are a kindred caretaker and you want in, let me know. Let me know if you want to be under "big kids" or "little kids" -- and let me know if you are already on the blog roll and not in the right category.

And Margaret -- do you want me to move you out of pre-parenting now, or wait until Slugger comes home? He's big kid category, right?


  1. Hi!

    I am a newbie...kindred caretaker of a big kid! I would love to be added to your links.

    Oh..and I love your site! I was hoping to find some great Foster Parent blogs! And I surly did!

    Jemmers :)

  2. Yondalla--thanks for adding me to your private blog list, I appreciate it. :) Can you add me to your blog list? We'll be foster parents to little kids.

  3. Move me over whenever you want. I guess I'm still technically in the pre-parent mode, but I'd be happy to move into the caretakers league! (I've been looking longingly at the cool kids table for a long time.) And, yes, Slugger would be considered a "big kid"


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