Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brian's breathing, support and thanks

Thank you to everyone who have left supportive comments, and yes Gawdess, I just bought some yarn to knit a baby sweater for friend who is about to be a grandmother. Knitting helps.

The noise that Brian is called stidor. The immediate problem is that he does not believe it is anxiety. He thinks that there is something else wrong and that no one believes him. This is a problem because it makes his resistant to trying any anti-anxiety exercises. He doesn't want the relaxation or breathing exercises to work because that would mean that he was wrong and we were right.

However it does go away when he sleeps or gets absorbed in something.

And yes that does mean that he makes that noise every time he breathes, nearly all day long.

Someone mentioned that my trip this weekend could be part of the equation. That is possible and given that I just realized he thought that I was going to go see Carl (Carl had asked me to go visit him this Spring), I am finding it likely. Not mind you as the total cause, but as part of the equation. Brian really adores Carl and was very sad at the idea that I might go see him and not take him along. Hopefully that is part of the equation and now that we have that part sorted out it will get a little better.

Because I need for it to get a little better. I really do.

I'm just really tired. Hubby is really tired. His teachers are tired.

I'm going to go knit.


  1. Sorry you are going through this at such an inopportune time. I wish there was something I could do to make it better.

  2. I had a hard time aceppting there was nothing wrong with me becuase I felt guilty. Like I was somehow doing it on prupose and if I would just snap out of it everyones life would be easier. I dont know if that helps...
    Goodluck with everything!

  3. Hang in there Yondalla. I know how tough it can be when these anxiety things come up. I went through it as a caregiver last year (for an adult, different disease), and the only advice I can really give you is to remember you aren't going crazy, and that Brian really does believe what he's saying, but he's not going crazy either. I never found a good way to deal with it, but toughing it out seems to work.


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